WiFi Services

Let Anchor Technical Services Get You Connected

Your business needs WiFi to function, especially if any of your employees work on portable/mobile devices. Not only does your company need WiFi; it needs fast, reliable WiFi. WiFi is also essential for businesses (like coffee shops and restaurants) that provide internet access for customers. Here at Anchor Technical Solutions, we can help your company get connected and stay connected. We have extensive experience providing WiFi services in Rhode Island. If you would like to know more about how our WiFi services can help your business, feel free to get in touch with us.

Setting Up WiFi For A New Business Or New Buildout

There are many reasons why your business might need Anchor Technical Solutions to set up a WiFi system from scratch:

  • You are a brand new business
  • You are expanding your current facility
  • You are moving to a new facility

If any of these situations describes your company, contact us right away. We will install a high-performance WiFi system at your company. Our tech support will ensure that your new WiFi runs without any hiccups. Our customers love that we provide 24/7 tech support in Rhode Island. We also provide managed WiFi setup (meaning that we manage the device) here in Rhode Island.

We Can Improve Your Current WiFi

Not looking to relocate or expand? We can still help your WiFi perform better. For one, we can extend the range of your current WiFi, so that your employees or customers have easy access to your WiFi from anywhere in your facility. We can also set up additional WiFi access points within your business, to make it even easier for the right users to access your WiFi.If you are worried about unauthorized users accessing your WiFi, we can set the proper parameters to restrict usage according to your wishes. We can also segment your WiFi Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs) between users and administrators. This is another way that we keep your WiFi network secure.

Services For Businesses That Provide WiFi To Customers

Anchor Technical Solutions also has a special set of services tailored specifically to businesses that provide WiFi access to customers. For one, we can create a custom splash screen with your logo. The splash screen is the first screen that users see when logging into your network. As such, it is a great branding opportunity for your business. We can customize this splash screen to meet your branding requirements. If you would like, we can also set up time restrictions. This prevents users from abusing the WiFi access that you so generously provide. Other restrictions that we can setup include web filtering and bandwidth throttling. Web filtering prevents users from accessing sites that you deem unfit, as well as unsecured (potentially malicious) sites. Bandwidth throttling allows you to control the traffic on your network so that your system does not get overburdened. We provide all of these services at competitive prices. If you are interested in any of these WiFi services, contact us for a quote.

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