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Landlines are a thing of the past. The next generation: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP allows you to use digital technology to make and receive phone calls, send and receive texts, and even use video conferencing services. Many companies have found VoIP to be an affordable, reliable, and efficient way to communicate. VoIP is revolutionizing the way that businesses communicate. Here at Anchor Technical Solutions, we can help your company take full advantage of this cutting-edge technology. If you would like to know more about how VoIP can work for your company, contact Anchor Technical Solutions.


How VoIP Works

With landlines, copper wires were used to transfer analog voice signals over long distances. With VoIP technology, those same analog signals are converted into digital data packets and transmitted over the internet. If you are worried that this method is less secure or reliable than the old way, don’t be. VoIP is every bit as secure and reliable as using a landline. In many instances, VoIP outperforms traditional methods of calling, as switchboards or circuit boards are not required.

Advantages Of VoIP

VoIP technology wouldn’t be sweeping the business world right now if it didn’t come with many distinct advantages. For one, VoIP is more affordable – on average – than most traditional phone plans. Additionally, VoIP is more mobile and flexible than landline technology. In this age of working remotely, such flexibility is essential to your company’s success. VoIP allows your employees to use the same phone number wherever they go. It also allows your employees to make and receive calls from anywhere, have calls redirected to someone else, and even have voicemails emailed to them. This will give your employees the mobility they need to thrive in today’s business climate.

Other Features Of VoIP

While it is primarily used for voice communication, VoIP has other features as well. Increasingly, companies are using VoIP for video conferencing. VoIP has the capability to encode video signals digitally, in addition to audio signals. This means that you can easily converse with clients, colleagues, or job candidates no matter where they are located. VoIP also allows you to send and receive texts. Whatever your communication needs are, our VoIP technology can meet them.

How We Can Help You With VoIP

There are several ways that Anchor Technical Solutions can help your company take advantage of VoIP technology:

  • We can help with installation
  • We can perform necessary updates
  • We can provide troubleshooting
  • We can speed up your internet

Because VoIP signals are sent digitally, faster internet means better service. At Anchor Technical Solutions, we can ensure that your internet has the capability to meet your business’ needs, including VoIP calling. We can also install VoIP technology at your business location, as well as provide the updates necessary to keep this technology functioning properly. Finally, if you should experience any issues with VoIP, we can provide reliable and friendly troubleshooting services. Our customer support line is open 24/7, so that we can better meet your needs.

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