Let Cloud Computing Work For You

Anchor Technical Solutions Can Set You Up With Cutting-Edge Cloud Computing

“The Cloud” is a term that gets used a lot in business and IT circles. The term is more than just a techie buzzword: it is a revolution in data storage and accessibility. If you are wondering if cloud computing is right for your company, give us a call. Here at Anchor Technical Solutions, we specialize in connecting Rhode Island companies to the Cloud.

What Is Cloud Computing?

OK, so what is cloud computing? As often as the term is used, it remains something of a mystery to those outside tech circles. While many complicated processes go into cloud computing, the concept itself is simple. Essentially, cloud computing allows users to store and access data and computer programs via the internet, instead of on a computer’s hard drive. For individuals, this means that the songs you purchased or the pictures you took don’t have to take up space on your computer or mobile device. For businesses like yours, it means that you can have the software and data storage that your company needs, without having to build a complex IT infrastructure.

Advantages Of Cloud Computing

Businesses large and small have found that cloud computing has many advantages. We will discuss 3 of those advantages below. Cloud computing can help your company with:

  • Backup Storage
  • Access/Exchange of Information
  • Cost Savings

We will examine each of these items further, exploring the ways they can help your business.

Backup Storage

One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is that it offers an essential backup for your data and software. If you have ever lost an important document after a harddrive crash, you know how important this backup is. Of course, on a company-wide level, the stakes are much higher: a system-wide crash, a cyberattack, or a natural disaster can wipe out the data and programs you need to do business. In short, it can devastate your company. Cloud computing is a key component of any disaster recovery plan.

Access/Exchange Of Information

Cloud computing also makes it easier to access and exchange files and other information. That is because the Cloud can be accessed from multiple devices. Your employees won’t have to be tethered to a single computer. They can access a file on their work computer during the day, then access that same file at home, from an approved mobile device. Your employees can also collaborate remotely with someone at a branch office across the country–or across the world, for that matter. Increasingly, companies depend on this level of flexibility.


For most businesses, cloud computing is cost-effective. Using the Cloud means that you don’t have to build a massive IT infrastructure, or install the same new software on all your company’s computers. It doesn’t hurt that Anchor Technical Solutions offers affordable cloud computing services in Rhode Island. Contact us to get a quote for our cloud computing services. We are ready to take your business into the future.

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